Monday, March 5, 2007

Here I am

Well, here it goes. You don't know me, and you probably never will. I'm a mid 20's, pretty professional guy. I realized recently that I am all alone. No, not physically, but emotionally. I'm not depressed, I'm not "Emo", but I'm just alone. And I've resigned myself to that fact.

I used to be outspoken, loved to go out and just do whatever. Then, a few years ago, through various circumstances, everyone that is close to me found their own separate way to betray my trust. Once that happened, I wrote them off. And it seemed I was doing that a lot. It's come to the point now where as I type this I can't think of one single person that I know that I can confide in. Enter you.

This is going to be my outlet. I can't talk about what I plan to write about with any one, so here you go. You get to know me.

Without the opportunity of stabbing me in the back.

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